Wisdom of the Body

We continue with the experiment described in the previous chapter,
and start with a two CA proliferon , consisting of a stem and a transitory process. The first maintains the unit, and the second interacts with the environment. The images below depict only the transitory process.

The set point is 20 cells. When the CA length is 20 cells it delivers its resources as described previously. The present experiment describes the CA response to a rising demand.When demand = 0 the CA is isolated and produces 44 cells per cycle. At demand = 1 the CA delivers its daily resource production. The subsequent CAs deliver respectively five and nine times their daily production. As demand rises more cells are depleted and die (become white, or zero). With more dead cells in the CA the CA-rule changes the structure of the subsequent states and more cells die.

The second  CA in the picture above is required  to deliver its daily production. The order was given at the beginning of the experiment. After a brief transient, the CA starts oscillating at a period of 58 days. The next CA has to deliver 5 times its daily production. It shrinks and oscillates faster,  producing less cells, and so does the last CA which had to deliver daily nine times its daily production.

During each cycle the CA traverses two phases: Differentiation (D) during which it accumulates cells and resources, and maturation (M) during which it delivers them. The transition from D to M is determined by the set point. The demand to deliver its daily production is greater than the CA produces. It gradually shrinks until it consists of a few undifferentiated stem cells which do not deliver cells, and the cycle starts again.

The exaggerated demand on the lowest CA (demand = 9), kills it, whereupon the stem process plants a new zygote.

The graph depicts the oscillating rim which produces and delivers  cells, and a narrow core. The graph below it depicts CA resources. The trough represents stem cell resources.  

When demand is excessive, the entire CA is involved in cell production and the core disappears. When its resources are depleted it dies, and is replaced with a new zygote planted by the stem process. 

Solution space

The states of the CA are traced by the vector:  {demand, set point, width, core size,  resources, period}  It  is driven solely by the demand for resources. Each of the four CA configurations, depicts a solution to a given demand. It is a solution, since  the CA oscillates around a fixed point (attractor) and maintains a steady state. Whatever the demand, the CA will always settle at a solution. It does not matter whether  the demand rises, or declines, the CA will traverse the same solutions.

Suppose that the demand rises slowly, following a short transient, the  CA will seek a solution. The proliferon proceeds from solution to solution.

 Chronic disease

This experiment illustrates the progression of a chronic disease  like cancer.
A chronic disease is the outcome of an interaction between the body and environment.  It involves resource depletion (tolerance decline)  and a restructuring of the body manifested by symptoms and signs. A disease is a the most optimal WOB solution in circumstances, and progresses from solution to solution.

The solution set

To my knowledge this proliferon behavior cannot be modeled by the available mathematical tools, e.g., differential equations, finite elements, AI, and AL The solution set is implied in the CA definition : {f[state[i, j], rule[#], age}| j = 2; state[1, 1] =1.

You plant a zygote (state[1, 1] =1), grow a stem process. After some time it plants a zygote which evolves into a transitory process. The experiment starts when the proliferon attains steady state (attractor).  The solution set is g[demand] =  {demand[k] , (state[i, 1], rule[#], age), (state[i, 2], rule[#], age)} | state[1, 1] =1.

Wisdom of the Body (WOB) 

The experiment illustrates the central theme of the New kind of Medicine”. WOB has  two meanings. 1. The set of processes in the proliferon. 2. Proliferon  wisdom, or its capability to attain a solution when driven by demand. The wisdom is in the process set. In the broader context of the organism,  WOB sustains life.

nca=2;  restoreparams[1,1,1]; restoreparams[2,1,1]; If [sa[[2]] >=20, deleteon =1; If [sa[[2]] <=2, deleteon = 0]; If[ deleteon == 1, Do [donate[2,2],{ndonate}]]; If[sa[[2]] < 0, newzygote[2]];

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