You have reached this web site while gathering information on cancer. Either you or your beloved contracted this disease, and you search for new developments which might help. Or, you are a physician, disappointed from the progress of cancer treatment. Actually this site is dedicated to you, but will be comprehensible also by lay persons. The forthcoming arguments will be explained at two levels, medical, and as a narrative.

As patient, why should you bother to search the Internet? Why not leave it to your doctor and other specialists? They ought to know better than you? You entrust your physician with other medical problems why not entrust him also with cancer? Since you feel so uneasy. Particularly since detecting a lump in your breast, fearing that cancer is invincible. Medical establishment tries to convince you that it is not so, yet its arguments are wrapped in hypocrisy and double talk. Profound distrust drives patients to alternative medicine. This site will show you what to expect from medicine, and more, you will learn how to help yourself.

Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

While medicine is competent to deal with an acute cancer, it is less skilled when cancer becomes chronic. You wonder why? Since medicine ignores the self-healing capacity of your body. Your body has a wisdom called here Wisdom of the Body (WOB), which controls your well-being in health and in disease. It controls also your cancer, and any other disease. This control is ignored by medicine. What does it mean to you? All along your disease, tumor and WOB maintain a balance, which can be tilted in your favor either by weakening the tumor, or strengthening the body. You will learn how to strengthen WOB and so slow down cancer progression. Unfortunately medicine ignores the role of WOB in slowing down cancer progression. This is why I created this site. To instruct you how to boost WOB and tilt the balance in your favor.


Many patients succeeded in this mission. While medicine calls them 'Long Survivors', I thought that it might be more appropriate to highlight their capability to live with cancer in peace and decided to call them Cancer-Yogis. While the Hindu-Yogi controls many unconscious processes in his body, Cancer-Yogi controls his cancer. It is a metaphor for the great potential of WOB in assisting you, and is unrelated to Yoga. You may boost WOB with Yoga, but there are simpler ways to accomplish it as you will discover in this site.

Follow the path marked by the poppy icon. Ignore hyper-links! You may return to them later. You will have to understand two metaphors, Wisdom of the Body (WOB), and Cancer Yogi. WOB has a language that you will learn to understand for your benefit. Your mission is to become a Cancer Yogi. You will have to trot this difficult path on your own, since medicine ignores WOB and views the Yogi metaphor as nonsense.

Medical significance of WOB

And you, physician. Undoubtedly you asked yourself what went wrong? Medicine is in a conceptual deadlock that is most pronounced in cancer. It has the best means to treat disease, yet the basic tenets of treatment are false. Medicine fails to deal with the complexity of the organism. It regards our body as a complex linear machine, while in reality it is non-linear, and chaotic. Cancer is regarded as a process evolving linearly while in reality it is non-linear. The non-linearity originates from the fact that all along it progression cancer is controlled by WOB. It may progress, then stop, and even regress. Medicine fails to consider WOB control in cancer, or in any other disease. 'Wisdom of the Body' was coined by the British physiologist, Starling who realized that nothing in physiology explains how homeostasis is maintained. The WOB metaphor will introduce you also to concepts like Process and Complexity.

The Yogi metaphor stands for the ability of any live form to overcome hazard. Cancer Yogi in particular, is the capability of the patient to maintain his/her disease in remission. The name of the game here is to prolong remission!

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Modern interpretation of Shamanism

The site reveals a hidden dimension of treatment, Shamanism. It is an inborn faculty of our body like animal behavior. Shamanism is an instinct which brings about an unconscious interaction between healer and sufferer. Shamans were the first healers and their heritage guides many healers today. Shamanism drives any medical or alternative treatment, and accounts for the placebo effect. Its medical and biological interpretation is provided in the following section: Introduction to Shamanism.

Theoretical background:

Our body is a self organizing complex system which maintains homeostasis (equilibrium), and operates optimally. It is organized from  bottom upward. As  embryo grows, each new cell and process contribute to  the overall organization. There is no central organizing agency. Organization is distributed, and continually emerges.  This property of the body which knows how to optimally organize itself is called here Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

The WOB metaphor is applied also for different purposes:

      1. It is a medical  metaphor which indicates how to interrogate the organism in health and disease.
      2. WOB and Cancer maintain equilibrium. WOB controls cancer.
      3. An interface for interacting with processes in the body.
      4. A framework for comparing  medical and alternative treatments.
      5. Its properties are expressed mathematically
        Mathematically, WOB has several representations:
        5.1. The set of all processes in the organism.
        5.2. A strange attractor. For instance, a Cancer Yogi drives his processes to an optimal strange attractor.

The current failure to cure cancer indicates also a failure of the philosophy of medicine. Medicine views the organism as a sophisticated machine, while in reality it is a non linear dynamic system.

The theory is outlined in a special section: A New Kind of Medicine


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