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First Concepts.
WOB is Optimal

Random change Our planet started as a ball of fire in which all  elements changed randomly.
Oriented change Then elements  started mutating between  three phases (solid, liquid, gas) and their change became  oriented.

Vapor rose from the sea and became a drop of water  which then returned to the sea. The drop was born (from vapor) , existed for a while and died in the sea. Then all matter in our planet (Gia) became structured into processes which are born, exist, and die

Life process The drop of water was joined by an entity arriving from outer space, which knows how to replicate itself (panspermia), Together they became a life process which is born replicates and dies
Life stream
(process collective)
Several live drops joined together into a stream in which all interact
Wisdom of the body (WOB) Some streams maintain their form (homeorhesis). The set of interacting processes which maintains its form is called WOB.  Its capability to maintain its form is regarded metaphorically as  a wisdom, hence WOB.
WOB is an open set with inputs and outputs, which are processes.
WOB is optimal Life depends on resources collected from outside.  In order to survive WOB  restructures processes and resources in the  most advantageous way. It maximizes tolerance
WOB solution An optimal restructuring of processes and resources.
Complexity Driven by the urge to survive WOB becomes more and more complex. (One ought to distinguish between complexity and physical dimension)
Mind A subset  of WOB processes designed to interpret  the outer world. It is equipped with sense organs, and nerves. Mind  is an interface between WOB and the outer world. Like  the Greek God Janus, mind faces two directions. Inward it listens to WOB messages and satisfies its demands. Outward, it interprets the outer world and guides WOB to resources.
Mind evolution Mind appears in  life forms  with  sense organs, like paramecium and medusa. In more complex animals, like dog,  mind is the site of will, imagination and reasoning (conditioned reflex). In the human, mind is also the site of  language. The newborn or the patient in coma  are  a mindless WOB.
Disease A  medical concept, which serves for communication between doctors. Disease does not exist as such in  nature. What medicine conceives as disease is a tolerance decline accompanied by WOB complaints
Health A state when WOB is silent and does not send signals to the mind that it needs help
Tolerance The capacity of WOB to sustain life. It is a measure of WOB reserves (resources)
Normal and pathological Like disease these are medical concepts. WOB is neither normal nor pathological. It is more or less tolerant. WOB optimality means that it maximizes tolerance.
Therapy Work out a compromise between WOB and mind demands. Provide resources which WOB and mind lack, and maximize tolerance.
Driver A process that depletes WOB resources  and diminishes its tolerance. Microbes drive infections. Our will drives WOB to support it.  Generally  will  (mind) provides also resources and may raise tolerance
WOB disease A WOB solution accompanied by a WOB complaint
Mind disease A conflict between WOB and mind demands. Since wasting resources mind disease reduces tolerance
Physician's task To work out a compromise between WOB and mind demands, and slow down disease progression (tolerance decline)

An individual which knows how to live with his disease in harmony and slows down its progression (tolerance decline). His faculty is marked by the
yogi suffix.

Gaia A super -WOB  in which life evolves (differentiates). What mind perceives as outer world, is inside Gaia
Cosmos and life Eternal processes
What is the purpose of life? WOB: Living
Mind: Seeking
Nothing gets lost - It only changes

The following model summarizes the theory presented in this site.

R[i+1] = R[D(i), W(i), M(i)]
W[i+1] =  W[D(i), M(i)]
M[i+1] =  M[R(i), R(environment, i)]

R : Resources
D:  Disease driver.
M: Mind is the interface between WOB and  environment.
R(environment) : resources supplied from outside.
i:  Now
i+1 : Next
Initial conditions:
R(zygote) = R(sperm) +R(ovum)

During embryogenesis M is the placenta
During the first weeks  after birth M is mainly the mother.

WOB solution: W(i+1) = Max[R(i)]
Disease-Yogi(i+1) = Max[R(i) + R(environment , i)]
Therapy(i +1) = Max[R(i) + R(environment, i)]

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