The  previous experiment concludes the first part of the present study. We have arrived at the elementary unit of our WOB computer and name it Proliferon . It consists of one stem process and a set of transitory processes:

1. Stem process:  Controls transitory processes. Its max age is unbounded and it may live indefinitely. It does not differentiate.
Transitory process: Interacts with other processes, and differentiates. Its max age is bounded, and its life short.
Control: Processes exchange age.

The proliferon starts as a zygote which evolves  into  an isolated non interacting stem process, which accumulates age.  At a certain age it matures to create transitory processes, which differentiate and interact with other proliferons  At each instant of its life, proliferon  occupies an attractor and maintains homeorhesis. It may stay there or proceed to another  attractor. Proliferon configuration at each instant is a solution . Proliferon evolves from a solution to the subsequent one.  Transient processes may come and go, yet when stem process dies, the proliferon disappears.

The graphs depict the history of a three process proliferon constructed from one dimensional CA. (Compare wit previous experiment. Peaks are differentiation events, and troughs mark zygote formation, The system evolves from solution to solution.

The system below starts with the same solution as  above. At t=40 stem process was damaged, whereupon the proliferon dies.


"The living organism and the body social are not assemblies of elementary bits; they are multi- leveled, hierarchically organized systems of sub-wholes containing sub-wholes of a lower order, like Chinese boxes. These sub-wholes - or "holons", as I have proposed to call them - are Janus-faced entities which display both the independent properties of wholes and the dependent properties of parts." Arthur Koestler (

"The members of a hierarchy, like the Roman god Janus, all have two faces looking in opposite directions: the face turned toward the subordinate levels is that of a self-contained whole; the face turned upward toward the apex, that of a dependent part" Arthur Koestler.

Proliferon is a Holon

Laws derived from observation in a sub ordinate Holon  cannot be extrapolated  as such upward. In other words the Holon context facing downward differs from that facing  upward.  The proliferon consists of two Holon levels. 1. The one dimensional CA whose behavior is determined by its rule,  and 2. Proliferon level,  whose behavior is determined by its rule and age transfer.  It is impossible to deduce the behavior of a proliferon from the behavior of the processes which operate in it, and vice versa.

Life is a Holon

The organism may be structured into the following Holons:  organism -> organ -> tissue -> cell.  Facing the higher hierarchies each Holon is viewed as  an atom. For instance, when viewed from the higher hierarchy, the cell-atom appears as indivisible unit, yet from the viewpoint of the hierarchy below it encompasses the universe of sub-cellular organelles. Life is an infinite Holon sequence We still lack  means to study many low level holons. The smallest holons are regarded therefore  as atoms, like the genetic code. Yet genes are also holons!  The failure to realize this, leads to many biological fallacies.

The 'Thing in itself' is a Holon

The above arguments apply also to Physics, and particularly to Quantum Physics. Elementary particles which permeate the quantum universe are holons. Already yesterday's atom consists of several holons, and  more will be discovered with new  gigantic accelerators.  The term'atom', 'elementary particle', or  'gene' are arbitrary constructs which serve for understanding the 'Thing in itself'. Since delving into Philosophy, we ought to distinguish between ontological and epistemological arguments.  Ontologically the 'Thing in itself'  might be  a Holon. . Epistemologically it certainly is a Holon, otherwise we would not be able to understand Nature. Only we structure our universe into holons. Even the theory of everything is no more than a holon.

WOB computer is a Holon and Proliferon is its byte..

Computation is an interaction between CA-proliferons.


nca=3;  zygote -> effect[no 1000]; go[17]; go109];  restoreparams; effect[2, nowdat[[1, 7]], 0]; donate[2, 1];  donate[2, 3]; donate[2, 3];   go [100]; restoreparams; effect[2, nowdat[[1, 7]], 0]; donate[2, 1];  donate[2, 3]; donate[2, 3]; injury[ 1, 40, 40, f[[1,1]], 10, 0];   go [200];

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