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First Concepts.
WOB is Optimal

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is progressive mental deterioration manifested by memory loss, confusion, and disorientation. The anatomic pathology of AD includes a shrinking brain (cerebrocortical atrophy) with pathological changes known as neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques, whose nature is not understood.  While medicine is preoccupied with the unknown etiology of AD, we shall be concerned with its management.

AD starts insidiously, as it happened to a famous Rabbi who recited his  evening prayer and forgot the one sentence Jewish credo known as, Shema Israel  "Hear O, Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One!" He continued his prayer without citing  it, leaving his audience bewildered. This seemingly minute incident is generally ignored and forgiven, yet it calls for an immediate action.

It is a signal
sent by  WOB that it fails to maintain your memory. Its meaning is misunderstood since forgetting is  so common. One forgets irrelevant things which burden memory. Forgetting means saving resources, which is an important WOB task.  You stop exercising and WOB removes your muscle (atrophy), you stop using a certain word and WOB removes it from memory. Memory maintenance requires resources.

Mind  indicates to WOB which processes to keep, or remove. It sends two kinds of messages: Action, and image. Action, indicates to WOB which processes to mobilize in order to sustain it. Images (memories) indicate to WOB which information to keep.

Neuron turnover

Forgetfulness was not the reason why the Rabbi failed to remember his credo, yet the message had the same meaning: WOB failed to maintain his memory. Medicine regards AD as a continuing  deterioration originating in the brain. In reality AD evolves amidst of nerve cell turnover. Failing memory merely indicates that neuron death exceeds neuron birth. Neurogenesis persists even in severe AD. Nerve cell destruction is probably initiated by a smoldering virus  infection.

Mind serves as interface between WOB and the outside world. As this interface fails, it transmits less and less information to WOB, and deserves therefore less resources. WOB lowers  cell production and memory shrinks. Now mind  transmits even less information and WOB reduces it even more. AD initiates a vicious cycle, which is driven by WOB. We may thus distinguish between primary AD which results from cell destruction, and secondary AD, driven by WOB. Since little can be done to stop primary AD, treatment ought to focus on secondary AD

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WOB-memory and  Mind-memory

For years you were engaged in weight lifting, and decided to pause for  a while. After a year you returned  to the fitness club.  You confronted your 50 kg weight, tried to lift it and failed. While your mind remembered that you could lift it, WOB forgot how to do it. WOB forgets in order to save resources, and since it maintains also the mind-memory, it applies the same strategy to the mind. 

AD of a weight lifter

Now imagine a weight lifter, who forgot how to get to the fitness club and remains at home. AD made him forget also that he can lift weights. Realizing the new situation WOB will remove
weight lifting resources, like  muscle. It will weaken his heart, and respiration, exactly as it does to astronauts. This important fact is generally ignored. Medicine regards AD primary as a loss of mind (dementia) and ignores the harm done by WOB which is manifested by secondary AD. Actually the vicious cycle affects the entire body, which continually shrinks,  and since requiring less brain power, the brain also shrinks. Now WOB reduces  hormones, weakens the immune system, and the patient dies from pneumonia. Primary AD does not kill.

All this can be prevented if encouraging the weight lifter to resume his hobby. You bring the weight lifting gear to his home, and intensify aerobic exercises. Sport increases brain blood flow, and raises neuron formation. As body mass increases,  the brain has to increase as well,  which means that cell formation exceeds cell destruction. Blood carries growth factors which reach also the area  hit by primary AD. Since processes interact a gain of some will benefit the weaker ones. The entire system (body) contributes to healing. And when the primary focus is destroyed, WOB will create new structures  which will take upon themselves the lost functions. Which is known as  brain plasticity.

WOB stimulation

Since all this takes time, patient may benefit from brain plasticity only if slowing down secondary AD. If persisting in doing his exercises, the weight lifter may even regain his mind. Unfortunately primary AD destroys our will without which WOB will not cooperate.

Since information transfer by  the mind is impeded,  it may be  supplied  directly to WOB through channels  which do not require mind mediation.  Senses like, smell, music, and tactile stimuli are first perceived by WOB. Only when reaching the mind they enter our consciousness.. These stimuli may effectively slow down secondary AD. 'Treatment' starts with flowers in the patient room, or better, by taking him out into the  Nature. Let her listen to music  or watch TV even if it appears that she does not understand its meaning. Such stimuli strengthen WOB and boost neuron production. Next comes imagination which is the main communication channel with WOB.

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Hidden in the WOB is the image of your mother which you perceived when you were born. A baby is born without a mind. It recognizes its mother even before it grasps  its meaning. Which was shown by Konrad Lorenz  in ducklings. As the duckling  hatches, whom-ever it spots first, will be regarded by it as its mother. This image is deeply imprinted in WOB. As the mind gradually deteriorates, imprinted images are still sensed by a ‘mindless eye’, and may be call up to strengthen the patient..

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"Alzheimer's disease is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain of unknown cause, ending in dementia". This  is what one reads in medical books. Now you know that AD is  more than that. It is a process, which may be manipulated in many ways.  Yet medicine regards them as trivial (non-specific).

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