Computation of biological time

The first history depicts CA#2058 in the physical time frame. The CA structure consists of three colors (white=0, gray=1, black-2). These numbers represent also how much substance is involved in an element of CA structure. Black structure requires twice as much substance than  gray, and it takes  twice as much time to construct it. The CA leaves its current  state only after constructing all its elements. The more black elements it has the longer it will stay in a particular state.

For example:
Let f = black dot count. The biological time required for the CA to complete its structure is proportional to f. The more black dots the longer the CA translation downward..
Arrow marked by 1, indicates how the gray indentation is transformed.
Arrow marked by 2. points to external black dots, which are magnified in 2a. They are transformed in 2b into vertical black lines. Since in each state the CA accumulates two additional black points (nectar), the vertical lines will elongate by the same amount (n, n+2, n+4 etc)

This dimension of life is generally hidden from us since we are bound to physical time. However we are capable of grasping biological time intuitively. You probably met a 50 years old man who looked old and worn out, or a man aged 70 years old who seemed much younger than his age.  You actually grasped their biological ages intuitively. Bergson called  biological time "Duration." Wisdom of the Body (WOB) which is the main theme of this site, operates in the biological time frame.

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