In a previous chapter you have been introduced into the CA aspect of evolution. Here are some concrete examples. We shall distinguish between evolution controller (dominus), and the evolver (homo). They are depicted in the first frame.

In the first experiment both evolved in parallel. At t=39, dominus converted  his state into homo's rule. Both continued evolving indefinitely.

At t=33 of the next frame, dominus converted his current state into homo's rule. Apparently it was a mistake. Homo sent tentacles into dominus' region and ultimately killed him. Which sounds like a Greek tragedy. How would you describe this relationship? Is it a feedback? If so, is it negative or positive?  Don’t bother to answer, since in the CA realm concepts like, feedback, positive, and negative are meaningless.

At t=30 of the fourth  frame, dominus created a jet. Please note, that the jet is an illusion since you observe it in the time domain. What you see is an evolution of a jet, which starts with two number strings: The state of homo, and  the state of dominus, which became homo's rule. With the two, you can generate a jet. You copy and keep all subsequent states and assemble them into a jet.

This is a hot topic in Genetic Algorithms (GA), which also evolve, and attempt to create  new jet parts. Yet these methods are inferior to the present, since applying a fitness landscape, which is contolled by the scientist (a homo that attempts to control dominus)

Political correctness requires to switch the CA roles. Now CA#600 is a homo and its neighbor turned into a dominus. At t=58 dominus infects homo, which, starts producing nectar.


Prior to Darwin, biology adhered only to the creationistic model. Dominus created homo in his image and then created other animals. Darwin proposed a revolutionary model, and banned dominus from our life. With time Darwinists raised the theory of evolution  into a dogma with a power of a religion. What Darwinists fail to grasp, is that there are many (infinite) models, which explain evolution. They are more sophisticated, and interesting., than Darwin's model.

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