Blossom as a process

Our three CA system is  applied here  to model  blossoming.  We start with three isolated non interacting CA. CA-3 age sets max age of CA-1, and when necessary, transfers resources to CA-2.  At t = 40  CA-2 is injured, and the system starts evolving to its final state.

Following injury, CA-2 draws resources (age) from CA-3 whose age starts declining. Since CA-3 age  sets max age, more and more CA-1 cells differentiate. CA-2 recuperates for a while and at t = 100 dies. Now CA-3 diverts all its resources to save CA-2. Its age declines which speeds CA-1 differentiation. More and more seed is produced. When CA-3 age reaches its bottom, the entire system dies

Injury stands here for an external factor which triggers a process. Like the rising temperature in the spring, which triggers a short term chemical process (CA-2), that initiates blossoming.

nca=3;  zygote -> effect[no 1000]; go109];  restoreparams; effect[1, Max[age[[3]]], 0];  support[ 2, 3];  injurystate[2, j, 40, 40,  f[[2, 1,]], 10, 1]; injuryage[2, j, 40, 40, f[[2, 1,]], 10, 0];go [100];

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