A three CA system

The three CA in the first row are linked and their impacts are depicted on the right. New impact units were introduced. The second row depicts the system after injuring CA-3 at t =20. The third row  depicts CA-1 and 2, after  the removal of CA-3

Injury to CA-3 induces a change in CA-1, while CA-2 is unchanged. There is no direct impact of CA-3  on CA-2. The indirect impact of CA-3  on CA-2 via CA-1, is too weak. Removal of CA-3  affects both CA. Transition from  state[1] to state[2], which was induced by the injury of CA-3, improves health, while the transition from  state[1] to state[3], reduces health.

In vitro fertilization IVF

This experiment illustrates a hidden dimension of IVF.  There is a tendency to remove from the embryo one cell  and inspect it for dangerous genetic changes.  This procedure may seem harmless. In reality it is not. The removal of a cell injures the  embryo. The structure of the entire system changes, as well as its health.   Following this perturbation, embryo recuperates, and  continues to grow.

injuryrange=1; injurytime = 20; effect[1,2, 22 +ndead[[1]]]; effect[2,1, 26 +ndead[[2]]]; effect[1,3, 35 +ndead[[1]]]; effect[3,1, 26 +ndead[[3]]];

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