All her life Ishtar  was busy raising a family. Now that her seventh child approached adulthood , she contemplated her future. She loved her children and enjoyed her grand children. Nevertheless for the first time  she planed her future without considering them. Now that her "biological responsibility” was done, she and her partner decided to separate. Above all,  she thanked her namesake goddess  for granting her the menopause.  Ishtar  felt liberated.

She decided to devote herself to witchcraft, particularly to healing which she practiced successfully all her life. She treated her growing children, her ailing mother, and was  frequented by her neighbors. Now she admitted more and more patients and refined her craft.

It was morning when her husband entered the house. He was pale, felt sick, and pleaded :"Ishtar save me!" She put him to bed and started treating him. He felt better and smiled at her : "You are still the best!" Yet  she was worried: "You got an heart attack, and ought to go to the hospital." She ordered an ambulance and they parted. Upon reaching the emergency ward he already felt better.  He was pleased to hear that his E.C.G. was normal: "Nothing to worry about" was the message. He rushed out and decided to spend his day at the beach.

In the afternoon he collapsed, and returned to the hospital with a massive myocardial infarction  (M.I.)

Despite intensive research, heart attack prediction still evades medicine. For medicine, heart attack starts with E.C.G. changes which indicate that a coronary vessel is occluded. Then come markers which indicate that the heart muscle is damaged. Yet myocardial infarction is an evolving process which ends with blood vessel occlusion. This hidden part of M.I. is known as prodrome.  An early or premonitory symptom of a disease, which can be detected only if looking  for it. What was then Ishtar’s  secret? She was an ardent observer, and communicated intuitively with the Wisdom of the Body (WOB). Unfortunately medicine’s search for M.I. predictors is confined to sophisticated laboratories, leaving the communication with WOB to witches.

Patient Physician
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