Eveline watched the blue lagoon, adjusting her diving gear for a morning dive. Yesterday she completed the last chemotherapy round and now contemplated her future. The oncologist assured her that she was cured. The tumor was removed and the markers went down. She was lucky to keep her breasts intact. Being a nurse she remembered all the so called cured patients, who passed away. How does he know that I am cured?  she thought. She learned that cancer is more than just the tumor. It affects her entire body.  She decided therefore to become a Cancer-Yogi and study her own cancer.  After consulting her more experienced friends she decided to visit healers, and learn what they have to offer.

Ernesto was an expert in guided imagery: "Imagine yourself as a blue lagoon" he said, and added: "the fish are your cells, which swim in your body and heal your cancer." She remembered the beauty of the reef. It engulfed her and the cancer. She dived deeper and deeper and observed in her mind's eye  cancer cells hiding among the corrals. Suddenly she realized that these tiny creatures  came to rescue her.

Unfortunately she lost her periods. "They are gone for ever" said the oncologist: "this is the price for a successful chemotherapy," and offered to treat her menopause. She declined and continued her search for healers.

Minerva was a witch who communicated with extra terrestrials. She examined Eveline's cancer and irradiated her body with cosmic irradiation. "By the way" she  asked: "why don't you menstruate?"  Eveline was surprised: "after all this chemotherapy you expect me to menstruate?" The witch cut her short: "They robbed you of your virginity, and now they deprive you from your femininity! Go home and start being a woman!"

Next week Eveline watched her blood dripping along her legs like a purple nectar.  The Moon's blessing continued ever since.

She dived into the lagoon and embraced her cancer cells.

Officially Minerva  was a star gazer. In reality she knew how to communicate  with the Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

Patient Physician
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