Life is a process

Life is a process composed of processes . A process is like a stream, that originated in the past, heading to future. Like a creek, whose water streams from a spring and ultimately reaches the sea. You may never find the spring, nor travel to the sea, still you know that they exist and belong to the history of this creek. Life is like a river, composed of streams and whorls. This representation of health and disease is much more powerful than that of medicine, that is called here medicine of Homo Faber . The stream metaphor will now be illustrated by few examples.

A process is like a stream

Single stream metaphor

Imagine a lake nourished by an upper stream and drained by a lower stream. The amount of water in the lake is its tolerance to drying (lake death). The more water it contains the greater its tolerance to dry out, or die. Tolerance may be raised, either by rising inflow of upper stream or lowering outflow of lower stream.


Diabetes mellitus


A note on tolerance. These examples show that tolerance is an attribute of any process. In the context of the organism, tolerance is defined as health .


Alzheimer's disease

Cancer as a stream

Upper stream would be cancer promotion, lower stream, cancer retardation, and the disease itself, cancer tolerance. By now you sense that in many processes, upper and lower streams can be manipulated. What about cancer? Here the medical establishment is at loss, and its mind void. It turns to the most obvious, tumor removal, which in most cases fails and tumor reappears. Yet cancer is more than just the tumor, it is upper and lower streams, and tolerance. Since medicine does not know anything about these wonderful mechanisms, it is up to you to learn how to manipulate them, which is called here WOB boosting. Cancer yogis learned how to manipulate their streams. Go and imitate them.

Interleaved processes

Processes in the body interact with each other and by manipulating one, other influenced. This is meant by process interleaving.

Acute oxygen shortage

Angina pectoris

Myocardial infarction

Holistic medicine

Some forms of so called Alzheimer are initiated by low brain blood supply. Previously you learned how touching your nose improves brain blood supply, which illustrates process interleaving. One activity may influence a remote function. Actually all activities influence all functions, yet not all are therapeutically significant. Process interleaving may seem to medicine utterly bizarre, since it believes that each function has one or more causes, and may be influenced only by manipulating them. Yet many treatments of alternative medicine are directed to interleaving processes, even if they do not see it that way. Their experience was gathered over years, and should be sorted and catalogued for a more rational approach to process interleaving.





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