CA mood

When CA meet,  their reaction depends upon the state of their inputs. They  interact only when  input > 0 and  display two kinds of mood. When input >0 they are hungry otherwise they are satiated. In future experiments each CA will control its mood (input).  Here the mood is set by the observer.


The “count-2”  slider determines the   threshold count below which the CA is hungry and above  which it is satiated.  When moving the knob to the right, even a small CA will be satiated (input=0). In other words, it will not grow. Otherwise when moving the knob to the right, a big CA will remain hungry (input > 0) and attempt to grow.

The lower  slider has two states. When input-3 = 0  CA-3 is satiated, otherwise it is hungry.

The system state depends upon the state of the sliders. They drive the system. At each slider configuration (state) the system will settle at an attractor with the highest resource level under these circumstance.  The system reaches its end point  when count-2 = maximum and input-3 > 0,

The system has a  purpose, to maximize resources. The system  is teleological  

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