The WOB metaphor has an obvious positive message: WOB knows what is best for you. Learn how to communicate with it and it will assist you the best it can. You may mobilize WOB to assist you in resisting illness, particularly cancer. And more, WOB lets you live a "normal" life despite underlying illness. It removes the "dis" from disease leaving you with "ease". If failing to control illness, WOB deepens the sense of "dis-ease" signaling you that it needs assistance by a doctor.

Yet you expect more. You want to be cured. Unfortunately most chronic illnesses, e.g., diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and cancer, are essentially incurable. The only option is to attain a prolonged remission, which can be achieved only by fulfilling WOB’s demands. Only after WOB has been satisfied it removes the "dis" from "dis-ease".

The WOB metaphor thus implies that cure is unrealistic. The aim ought to be to achieve a prolonged remission. To establish a new life with illness.

This view may leave you uncomfortable since illness is regarded bad. Religion regards illness as punishment for past sins. Many healers regard illness as impurity that has to be purged. Modern society views illness as malfunction that has to be repaired, or replaced. Under such circumstances, the notion that illness is a new life is difficult to accept. On the other hand when cure is not feasible, only WOB assures a comfortable life with illness, a new life. More, the WOB metaphor is essential for practicing good medicine. You shall have to get used to it.

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