Why a New kind of Medicine?

Medicine reached a conceptual impasse. It lacks a consistent theory which accounts for three characteristics of the organism:

Physicians always appreciated these characteristics and adhered therefore to the following principles:

Modern medicine attributes  these rules to ignorance,  and calls ancient medicine "Placebo Medicine". Yet history teaches that ancient doctors  were competent and successful. They knew how to exploit the self-healing capacity of the organism.

Modern medicine ignores the fact that most diseases are more or less self-healing. Sophisticated equipment reveals structural details which confuse the physician. Technology lets physicians to meddle in processes whose intricacy they barely understand.  In order to resolve this confusion, medicine tries to deduce function from structure. Which is hopeless since  structures (functions), interact. More,  they interact optimally. This optimality notion sounds to the modern physician bizarre and esoteric, and yet it is essential for a proper treatment.

How might one explain to physicians a concept which they never encountered? I decided to apply the Wisdom of the Body  (WOB)
metaphor  and show how it optimizes. It is a new and important dimension of treatment.