The theory in a nutshell
Medical interpretation of Holistic Medicine

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First Concepts
WOB is Optimal

Medical Significance of WOB



Streaming Organism

Who am I?

Will and Imagination
Will and Free Will
Individual and Collective
Self and non-Self
Emotions and WOB
Gender and WOB


Shamanism - An introduction

Shamanism - Biological Interpretation
Shamanism - Medical Interpretation
Shamanism and the Placebo effect (Lecture)

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus- An introduction
Diabetes mellitus
What is Normoglycemia?
Hazard of aggressive blood sugar reduction
Type-1 diabetes mellitus
FAQ Diabetes mellitus


Cancer - An introduction
What drives cancer?
Cancer. An in depth analysis
Infection drives cancer
WOB controls Cancer
Placebo and Cancer
Cancer and Meditation
Three unknowns about cancer
Cancer is a metabolic deficiency
Pernicious Cachexia
Pernicious Cachexia - preliminary publications
Circulating tumor cells

Cancer epidemiology

This study shows that
the patient depends on
her tumor

A New Paradigm for Hypertension

Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease. An in depth analysis

Alzheimer's Disease

Anorexia Nervosa - Pernicious Anorexia


How to slow down aging?
Late life mortality

Therapy - Signal manipulation
- Handling tolerance
Disease indicator

The Four Causes of Disease

New medicine and Religion

WOB and Theology
Religion and Mind Disease
A History of God and Disease
Drewermann on God
Nietzsche on WOB

Medical significance of Phenomenology
WOB in Experimental Cancer

Iatrogenic Medicine

Beware of the Gene

Cause and Etiology of Disease

On Death and Dying|
E.Kubler-Ross: On Death and Dying
Death denial.

Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics: Two codes of ethics in Medicine
Medicine without ethics.
Academic ethics.

A mathematical model