Cancer epidemiology

Summary of the main ideas

Epidemiology of breast cancer
Cancer epidemiology
A simple model of cancer
A Gompertz model of bi-modal hazard rates
Bi-modal hazard rate in untreated breast cancer
Treatment promotes cancer progression
Tumor dependency
Cancer recurrence and BMH

Survival and tumor dependency
Radiation induced hazard in genital cancers
Radiation induced hazard in lung cancer
Relapse rate following surgery
Age adjusted cancer rates
Cancer prevalence
Long survival with micrometastasis
Declining hazard rate in breast cancer
Cancer in old age is less aggressive
Epidemiology of prostate cancer
Watch your prostate!
BRCA mutations do not cause cancer
Allometric law of metastasis
Conditional cancer survival
Metastasis following treatment
Survival following cancer treatment
Breast cancer recurrence rate
Breast cancer recurrence in Chinese women
Inflammatory breast cancer
Cumulative incidence
Tamoxifen and tumor growth
Diagnosis delay improves short term survival
Published studies on cancer recurrence