Your doctor

You stand in the bathroom observing the lump in your breast. What now? First find a good doctor with the following qualities:

Experienced physician who will find time to listen to your questions.
Generalist who understands the newest developments in medicine, particularly cancer.
Open minded and ready to consider unconventional medical approaches, like alternative medicine.
Advisor, and your representative in Medicine, like a lawyer that represents you in court.

Never undertake any step without consulting him, since your health is at stake, and the issue is complicated. Find out about physicians that cancer yogis recommend. Take time to look for the best qualified, and don't rush to the first one you encounter. You have to prepare yourself for a new life and need a good advisor at your side. While your mission is to search for WOB boosting means, his is, to evaluate them. At this stage keep off specialists.

Haste is from the Devil

In emergency and acute conditions you will need medical specialists (that will be recommended by your physician). Otherwise you will have to consider alternative treatments. The medical establishment regards your lump as an emergency. You are rushed to the ward, sign consent-papers, and you nearly lose your mind. "Haste is from the Devil." This ancient Arab saying is highly appropriate. You need time to decide what treatment is best for you. Tumor is only one expression of your chronic condition and its removal does not assure your cure. It is a message by WOB that your life takes a new course, with a new mission, to become a cancer yogi , and it does not matter whether you were cured by surgery or not.

Suppose that you got a heart attack. Unlike tumor, this is a real emergency. Here haste is generally unavoidable. It too is a message by WOB that your life takes a new course. After recovering you will turn to WOB boosting means, e.g., physiotherapy, walking, and sport. Unfortunately in cancer, WOB boosting is not considered. The sense of emergency originates from the false notion that only tumor removal may save you, the sooner the better. By now you ought to be convinced that your fate depends not only on the tumor but on WOB as well. First turn to cancer yogis for advice.

Alternative medicine

Like medicine. Alternative medicine has its specialists, and generalists. The first focus on local conditions, e.g., osteopathy, or chiropractic. There are two kinds of generalist approaches: 1 Medical doctrines, e.g. Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine. 2 Holistic treatments centering on a well-defined method, e.g., Macrobiotics, Mistletoe, or Live cells therapy. Contrary to medicine, all are essentially WOB boosting, yet the WOB notion is not part of their theory. Even if mentioning a WOB, it generally is not the same as that described here. Their WOB is only a subset of our WOB.

When considering recommendations of a cancer yogi. Prefer generalists, to specialists, and among generalists prefer doctrines. Practitioners of alternative methods have two major drawbacks: 1.They lack rigorous reasoning like medicine, 2. They generally ignore the advantage of modern medicine, and do not understand its theory. Despite some profound theoretical flaws of medicine, it created a powerful framework for rigorous reasoning that evolved over centuries, and brought with it, among other our technological prosperity. True that in cancer it reached a conceptual deadlock. Yet it has to be resolved within its theoretical framework. The WOB concept is regarded here as a new suplement to medical theory.


The great doctrines of alternative medicine, have each its own conceptual framework. Unlike medicine, their theory hardly evolved, and remained frozen in time. Like Homeopathy. When created by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), it was revolutionary. At a time when physicians applied worthless treatments, e.g., blood letting and enemas, Hahnemann conceived the first conceptual framework for a rational medicine, and demonstrated how to test it experimentally. Unfortunately, the theory of homeopathy hardly ever changed. It ignored important discoveries in medicine. Many successful homeopaths, started as physicians, that later turned to homeopathy, and apply the best of both theories.

The Medicine Man

In the beginning there was Medicine Man, and then came the healer. Medicine Man applies the most profound WOB boosting, and it may be very effective. There are two ways to communicate with the WOB, imitation and imagination. Aided by imagery, Medicine Man exploits the second. He may confront you, metaphorically, with your cancer, helping you to live with it in peace (prolonged remission). In Greece, Medicine Man was followed by the cult of Asclepius. Greece was also the origin of Western medicine, whose founder was Hippocrates. From then on, both traditions practiced medicine side by side.


Some famous healers in the west, were prophets, and priests, when healing was part of Divine Service. Their followers are religious healers. Non religious healers may have started healing after recovering from a deadly disease, or after experiencing a vision. Many are successful WOB boosters. If you are religious, you may benefit from the first, but if non-religious, you might prefer the second kind. Some religious healers view disease as a punishment for your sins, and awaken in you a sense of guilt, that might undermine your WOB boosting.


The last thing that you need at this critical moment of your life is a sense of guilt. And yet this is your first thought when observing the lump in your breast: "What have I done wrong?" You may have skipped a mammography session. Smoked despite the warning of The Surgeon General. Now a healer implies that you have sinned, blaming an unjustified abortion that you made (sanctity of life). This is your real emergency! You need assistance to get rid of these destructive thoughts, and turn to cancer yogi for help. She experienced this hell before and managed to escape.

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