The theory in a nutshell

Academic Ethics pose a real threat to the patient

Cancer and Meditation
Cancer starts as a systemic disease
Cause and etiology of disease
Death Denial
Doctors and Healers
Declining Hazard in Breast Cancer
False (or incomplete) metaphor of medicine
Gender and Wisdom of the Body
Long survival with metastasis
Medicine of Homo Faber
Primary care
Their Cancer is different from Mine
Wisdom of the Body (WOB)
Cancer Yogi
Cancer Yogi metaphor and its significance
First encounter with WOB
Medical significance of the WOB
Psychological difficulty you may have when facing the WOB metaphor

WOB as framework for the evaluation of cancer treatments

WOB boosting
WOB controls cancer
WOB in cancer
WOB secrets

WOB stories

A blind Lady who regained her Eyesight

A Carpenter listening to Stories about Diseases