Academic Ethics pose a real threat to the patient
Academia manipulates traditional ethics to justify human experimentation.

Antibiotic Paradox
Resistance to antibiotics spreads among microbes.
Antibiotic resistance and the intestinal flora
Microbes in the gut protect us from undesired microbes.
Beware of Mammography !
Once you perform mammography, you become entangled in the worst kind of medical confusion.
Beware of the Gene
The limits of Genetics
Cancer and Angiogenesis
Medical sciences breed context fallacies.
Cancer and Meditation
Meditation makes you aware of your healing powers.
Cancer starts as a systemic disease
Cancer is a metabolically systemic disease like arteriosclerosis.
Cause and etiology of disease
Disease is multi-factorial.
Chromosomal translocations in B cells of normal individuals
Chromosomal translocations that accompany lymphoma were found in healthy individuals.
Cloning fallacy
Cloning is a risky and unhealthy
Colon cancer is a disease of the entire colonic mucosa
Field effect of colon cancer.
Controlled mutation in cancer
Gene-mutations do not cause cancer.
Death Denial
'Dying' is a term used by physicians to communicate their clinical impression
Doctors and Healers
Some doctors and healers may harm the patient more than cancer does.
Declining Hazard in Breast Cancer
The longer one lives with cancer the better one's chances to survive
There is no simple relationship between etiology and disease.
False (or incomplete) metaphor of medicine
Oncology postulates that cancer behaves like infectious disease, and chemotherapy acts like antibiotics do.
Gender and Wisdom of the Body
WOB determines our gender 
Health measure
Medicine lacks a health measure, that would guide physician how to treat best.
How to diminish microbial resistance to antibiotics
Our gut microbes protect us against pathogenic microbes.
How to treat cancer
"Normative Medicine" mobilizes WOB to prolong remission in cancer.
How to understand a disease
Disease is an interaction between an destructive process and protective WOB.
Iatrogenic Medicine
Biological theories in the medical context become harmful to the patient (iatrogenic) 
Inflammatory cancers
Most cancxers proceed through a pre-cancerous inflammatory phase.
Long survival with metastasis
Many cancer patients carry metastasis for prolonged time in good health
Making Placebo Respectable
Placebo is a powerful drug.
Medicine of Homo Faber
Medicine applies laws of machines to treat disease.
A new kind of Medicine
Introduction to non-linear medicine
Sense organ of the immune system
Special structures in the intestinal inner lining sense antigens in our environment.
Pernicious Cachexia
Not tumor, but body wasting. called cachexia, is the hallmark of cancer.
Primary care
Treatment is justified only if improving health.
Primum non nocere ; Above all do not harm!
Their cancer differs from mine
Medicine regards aberrations as disease, while the real criterion for disease is how the patient feels.
What is health?
What is neoplasia?
WOB in experimental cancer
Cancer researchers are more interested in tumors, and less in processes that cause tumors to regress.