A fresh view of cancer
Cancer is not a genetic disease

Antibiotic Paradox
M icrobial resistance to antibiotics spreads among microbes.
Antibiotic resistance and the intestinal flora
We carry in our gut microbial eco-systems that protect us from undesired microbes.
Beware of the Gene
The limits of Genetics
BRCA mutations do not cause cancer
At least 40% of these mutation carriers do not get cancer
Chromosomal translocations in B cells of normal individuals
Chromosomal translocations which accompany lymphoma were found in healthy individuals.
Cloning fallacy
Cloning is a risky and unhealthy 
Controlled mutation in cancer
Gene-mutations do not cause cancer.
How to diminish microbial resistance to antibiotics
Our intestinal microbes protect us against pathogenic microbes.
Iatrogenic Medicine
Biological theories in the medical context are harmful to the patient (iatrogenic) 
Sense organ of the immune system
Special structures in the intestinal inner lining sense antigens in our environment.
Decline of Darwinism
Darwinism is gradually replaced by the Gaia theory
Evolution theory from a new perspective
Gia drives evolution