We start with three structurally identical and isolated  CA. Each ages at a different velocity  from a previous experiment we know that CA-3 ages slowest.  What is the relative aging velocity of the other two?

Aging is only partially related with structure, and cannot be deduced from it. Previous experiments were designed to evaluate this hidden dimension  with different means like: somatic injury   or, differentiation induction (also chapter 62).  In the present experiment CA-3 age structure controls differentiation of the other two. Its age distribution sets max age of  CA-1 and CA-2 and so controls their  differentiation .

The graph depicts their mid cell aging . Initially CA-3 is older than the other two. Since CA-3 ages slower, they soon get older than CA-3, which is evident  from their respective age distributions at time = 90.

In the next experiment,  CA-3 age distribution  sets the differentiation threshold (= max age) of other CA .When cells reach age max their age is set to zero (=white) . CA-1 starts differentiating earlier than CA-2 and therefore ages faster .

Oriented turnover

This experiment illustrates the central role  of biological age in the behavior of processes in our body. In all processes biological age advances in one direction, hence the term, oriented turnover. Each process (CA) is a  frame of reference which cruises at  a different velocity in the age space. It   interacts with other processes, and evolves. Each reference frame (CA, or process) consists of a three dimensional (somatic) structure and an independent (biological) clock.  It is a space-time. Yet  unlike in other known space-times   the laws operating in one process (CA)  cannot be deduced from  laws in other processes. There is no transformation   like the Galilean or Lorentz,  with the aid of which this might be achieved.


The set of  processes in our body is called Wisdom of the Body (WOB). Why wisdom? Since in any instance, all processes settle at a common solution. This   requires a knowledge which  beats our understanding. WOB is regarded here as a non linear black box, with ingoing and outgoing messages. WOB has a language, which enables the physician to communicate with it. All that is required is to understand its language, and assist  it  in its quest for  optimal solutions.   This quest may require resources which WOB may lack. Like water.  When we sweat and lose water, WOB gradually loses its control of our water metabolism. It then sends to the mind a message of thirst, as if saying: "go and get me water." By itself, WOB cannot get water, and depends therefore on the mind. While WOB is extremely sophisticated, the resources it may require are generally simple.  At times even a glass of water may be enough.

Further reading
Language of the WOB
Medical significance of WOB

nca=3; zygote -> effect[no 1000]; go109]; restoreparams; putinstep[ If [ no ==1, age[[1]] +=  2.1 a[[3]]]; If [ no ==2, age[[1]] += 0.9 a[[3]]]; effect [1, 40 + ageprev[[3]], color = 2];  effect [2, 80 + ageprev[[3]], color = 2]; go[100];

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