CA faces two obstacles

The present experiment is a continuation of the previous one .  At t = 35 the left most CA was chronically injured and lost its left tail. The CA next to it is also chronically injured. In addition, it faces a barrier which is placed next to its right tail at x = 62. First it loses its left tail and at t = 62 it dies. The next CA starts recalling its previous states shortly before it is expected to die. First it restores its right tail and later the left.

When CA lacks resources to grow and faces death, it may choose  between two options:  1. It creates a zygote by recalling state[1] and age[1] , or 2. It  creates a zygote, recalls only state[1] and  not age[1]. The zygote is left with age [24], and becomes part of a spore. It can be awakened by setting its age to zero.

Four strategies

The CA is equipped with four strategies for handling external hazard:
1. Right tail restoration          : state [25] age[25]
2. Restoration of both tails   :  state [19] age[19]
3. Creation of a smaller vegetative CA whose zygote has  state[1],  age[1].
4. Creation of a spore, carrying a dormant zygote : state[1] , age [now]
The spore may be activated by setting the age of its zygote to zero.  

barriertime = 35; barrierendtime = 45; barrier=62;  statetime= 35; prevstate = 1; agetime = 35; prevage = 1;  preva[[1,*]] = a[[1,*]];  prevage[[1,*]] = age[[1,*]]; effect[1, 1, 25];

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