Injury and Repair

In the following experiments, CAs were injured at time = 26 days (units are expressed in days). The first history is an untreated control. The numbers above the other histories, indicate the magnitude of injury (in bits).

Injury depth = 1 Production, and production declines by 50%.

Injury depth = 2 Larva needs time to regenerate. Production is restored to its normal level.

Injury depth = 3  Regeneration is protracted. New cells are formed (hyperplasia). In medicine, this reaction is called granuloma. Ultimately larva regenerates completely, matures and produces the normal amount of nectar When a larva does not mature and continues as a larva, this reaction when observed in humans, is called neoplasia (tumor).

Injury depth = 5: Larva does not matures and dies.

All histories except the last are infinite.

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Injury and Repair.

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