We continue to explore some properties of CA-recollection. At the age of 28 days the CA splits into two branches (left CA). At the age of 50 the left branch is cut off. At age of 60, the CA starts recollecting its past. The current state of the next CA is replaced with state - 6. The right branch changes its structure. The recalled states are written on top of each CA.   When recalling state -19, both branches respond.

The next image illustrates the recalling process in detail. At  t = 60 the CA recalls state 29, which replaces the current state. The CA lives 13 days more and then dies. Without recall it would have lived 100 days. Why did it die so soon?  Since the future of the recalled state is determined by the current (older) age distribution.

injurytime = 50; injuryrange = 20; memorytime= 60; delmemory = *; preva[[1]] = a[[1]]; effect[1, 1, 25];

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