Biological age

Each cell accumulates matter (numbers) in the column (process) in which it is located. When accumulation reaches a given threshold the cell dies (= 0).
In the first worm cells do not die and it lives indefinitely. The graph below it, depicts age distributions along the marked y-locations.In the subsequent worm, cells die at age of 30. The worm got two tails, and is short. The graph below depicts the age distribution of its cells. Cells in the third worm die at the age of 42.

The picture below depicts two mature worms swimming in the CA sea. Their  cells die at the age of 47. They produce an offspring which remains attached to them and swims at the same velocity behind its parents.

The three images depict an instantaneous manifestation, of a system  in a continuous flux. Cells  continually stream from zygote backward Once maturing, the worms do not change. They maintain an equilibrium called homeorhesis (invariability of structure in a continuous flux). The experiments illustrate the essence of biological age. It is independent of, and unrelated to physical time. There is a close relationship between cell longevity a worm structure. We observe the worms within the physical time frame while their biological aging remains hidden from us.

All streams (Panta Rhe)

This applies also to medicine.  All constituents of our organism continually stream from the site where they were formed to their graveyards. In the skin, cells are formed in the deepest layer, and continually stream outward. When reaching the surface they become  scales and die. The skin continually renews itself, and every three weeks we get a new skin. Heraclitus  said: "You never step twice into the same river" (since it streams). In the same vein we may conclude the one never meets twice the same person, since all of his constituents stream.

Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

Knowledge of cell ages is crucial for a proper treatment. Unfortunately medicine still lacks means to assess the biological age of patients, and. clings to its accustomed physical time frame.  The present site suggests how to avoid this ignorance. The organism has a wisdom which is called here Wisdom of the Body. WOB knows the state of all our constituents, and controls them in an optimal way. It has a language which indicates to the physician the biological age of his patient. In order to understand WOB the physician ought to learn its language. Unfortunately physicians regard all this as nonsense .

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