Two dimensional CA
The flatworm planaria zajiceki

Hitherto the CA image depicted a CA history. In the present experiment it depicts a two dimensional CA#600. You plant the seed ( = 1) as you did in previous experiments. The seed is called zygote. As it divides, additional layers are formed and the CA grows. All cells are descendants of the zygote. The worm is monoclonal. Each cell keeps its own time and when it gets old it dies. ( = 0). The worm advances forward in the direction of the arrow.

Aging and death

From the time of its birth each cell accumulates matter which it gets from its predecessor. In this way cells age. When the accumulated matter in a cell reaches a threshold, it dies. All cells in a column constitute a process, which starts at the row of the zygote. They get their matter only from cells in their column (=process). Since the worm advances, cells stream away from the zygote. They stream toward their graveyard. The size and appearance of a worm depends on its age structure. Cells in the smaller worm die at the age of 20, and in the larger worm they die at age 30.. The graph depict their age distribution.


The difference between 1-D and 2-D CA is by the way information is updated. If each state (row) is updated sequentially, it is a 1D CA. If all states (rows) are updated in parallel it is a 2D CA (planaria zajiceki). In a n-dimensional CA, all n-dimensions are updated in parallel. WOB (Wisdom of the Body) updates its myriad processes in parallel, and so does the WOB computer.

WOB computer

In theory a 1D-CA can emulate any n-dimensional computer, but it may require a lot of computer time. There exists a cute emulation of massively parallel computers. It is called StarLogoT or StarLogo . It is recommended for those who may find the present ideas somewhat abstract. Download the program (it's free!), and examine them with StarLogo or StarLogoT.

CA#600 is the first draft for a massively parallel nonlinear computer, called here WOB computer. WOB stands for Wisdom Of the Body .It consists of parallel processes of streaming cells, or numbers. Each cell carries its own time . You may regard the process as byte, and the cells as bits.

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