Tumor growth is the common denominator of all cancer epidemiological functions. It drives them and shape their manifestations. I described it in other presentations

I describe now an  important and unique study of tumor growth and metastasis by  Koscielny and coworkers. It established the relationship between tumor growth and metastasis. Yet their data provide more insight  than meets the eye, which I shall now  describe. 
It seems plausible that any tumor observed at diagnosis, is accompanied by hidden metastases. Many evolve extremely slowly and  even remain dormant

There is a  perfect correlation between tumor diameter and metastasis at diagnosis
All cumulative curves level off.
There is a good correlation between tumor diameter and  terminal probability of each  level.
Conclusion; Tumor and metastases are coordinated and evolve as one system

Cancer is more than just a tumor. It is an interaction between organism and tumor.
Cancer is a dynamic system in which organism and tumor interact.
Tumor growth and metastasis are  driven by a virus and controlled by the organism (discussed in other presentations)