This presentation deals with the mind and wisdom of the body (WOB)
Mind and WOB are extremely complex entities,. I restrict therefore my attention to messages between WOB and Mind.

I shall illustrate this approach by analyzing an important Neuropharmacological
study of the placebo phenomenon published by  Martina Amanzio and Fabrizio Benedetti
229 subjects were subdivided into 12 groups In each group a different placebo protocol was tested. Pain was induced experimentally by means of the turniquet technique
Placebo activates distinct biochemical processes
It  might be interleaved in the ongoing treatment with steroids and so reduce and postpone their side effect.
.It is possible to condition an individual to two kinds of therapy
Placebo-pharmacology is a mapping of placebos to biochemical processes in the body

In my lectures they are represented by two metaphors:
Mind : The site of consciousness
Wisdom of the Body (WOB) : The realm  of the unconscious.