Somatic aneuploidy is manifested by a chromosome number that is not an exact multiple of the haploid number. 
Somatic aneuploidy arises in an organism with diploid cells. It is not inherited. It differs from inherited aneuploidy like trisomy.
Aneuploidy is a hallmark of cancer, regarded as an error  in chromosome assembly. I intend to show that aneuploidy is an amplification of a physiological process called somatic gene recombination
Any change in chromosome structure, elongation, shortening, or elimination, results from the creation of a fusion protein.
Somatic aneuploidy is an amplification of chromosomes with fusion protein assembly sites.  It is a mechanism for increasing the through-put of fusion proteins assembly.
More than 30% of cancers are caused by viruses. I believe that tumor is an organ with a purpose. Its function is to produce proteins in order to withstand the detrimental effect of viruses.
Neoplastic progression is an ongoing amplification of protein  production assembly lines, manifested by polyploidy and aneuploidy