The first version of  my cancer hypothesis was published in 1993.  It explains the clinical and epidemiological manifestations of cancer.  Cancer is a metabolic deficiency caused by the depletion of stem cells.
Cancer is a metabolic deficiency
G. Zajicek
New Frontiers in Cancer Causation.
OH Iversen, Editor p. 81-107
Taylor & Francis, Washington DC, 1993.
New insights gathered lately are incorporated in my hypothesis:
1. Cancer is induced by viruses
2. The dogma of the deaf gene is refuted.
3. Genes do not cause cancer
4. Cancer progression is controlled by the organism
5. Some early cancers regress
They are explained in other presentations. Which accompany this hypothesis
I created a website which provides the detail supporting the present hypothesis. It is  an exciting and unexpected new view of cancer.
Part of my arguments are presented as videos:
The hypothesis will be presented from several perspectives: Clinics, pathology, epidemiology,genetics, molecular biology, theory of medicine and philosophy.
Cancer is a triad, manifested by three features: Tumor, Para-neoplasia (neuro-endocrine changes)  Cachexia (body wasting).
Chronic virus infection destroys stem cells and initiates a metabolic deficiency.  In order to protect itself from the deficiency, the organism grows a tumor..
Tumor is a protective organ, whose task is to restore a metabolic deficiency initiated by the virus. Tumor protects against cachexia.