Tumor growth is the common denominator of all epidemiological function. It actually drives them.  It is thus possible to derive tumor growth from epidemiological functions, as described by my other  presentations

In a recent epidemiological study, Hofvind and co- workers demonstrated that hormone therapy(HT)   raises  breast cancer incidence, and when stopped incidence declines. In a subsequent presentation I demonstrated that breast cancer incidence is proportional to tumor growth rate.  Therefore hormone therapy actually accelerates tumor growth.

The Norwegian study illustrates how hormone therapy drives cancer incidence. Actually it drives also other  epidemiological functions. I decided therefore to formulate a model which illustrates this idea.
It is call Ideal Cancer System or ICS[t]

This model summarizes the configuration and evolution  of an ideal cancer population  Ideal, since  the population  at large is in  a steady state It is a five dimensional system evolving in time