Two thought-styles compete for the hegemony of medicine:
Traditional clinical reasoning and Molecular biology reasoning
Traditional clinical reasoning deals with the human being as such. Molecular  biology reduces him to  sets of points (genes).. Molecular  biology reasoning   was adopted  by academic medicine, while   traditional clinical reasoning is declining..

Academic thought style applies molecular biology reasoning to define disease and how it ought  to be treated.  Cancer is a genetic disease and treatment is directed to correct genetic aberrations. There is nothing in cancer except its tumor which is driven by gene mutations.
Traditional clinical reasoning defined cancer as a disease of the organism manifested by a tumor. Academic  thought-style regards  cancer and tumor as synonyms. Organism does not play any role in cancer. It’s all in the genes.

The two thought-styles differ in their handling of cancer resistance.
Since ignoring the role of the organism in cancer, therapy propagated by the academic thought style is initiates  by grave side effects, or toxicities.  These are new diseases. Academic thought-style thus  propagates  iatrogenesis
Targeted therapy induces a systemic disease.
Academic medicine is dangerous to your health since promoting iatrogenesis