Wisdom of the Body (WOB)

The main Ideas in this site

Introduction to the WOB theory
Wisdom of the Body and the control of the nonconscious-1
Wisdom of the Body and My control of the nonconscious-2
A new biological theory
A new biological theory update 1
A new biological theory: Bayes theorem and Life
The Normal and the Pathological
Wisdom of the Body – Its biomedical foundations  Part  1
Wisdom of the Body – Its biomedical foundations  Part  2
Evolution of the Wisdom of the Body
Neurological dimension of mind and Wisdom of the Body

Suffering and Wisdom of the Body (WOB)
Medical dimension of mysticism and spirituality
Kabbalah and wisdom of the body
Induction of cancer dormancy with Jewish meditation
Placebo activates biochemical processes
Placebo effect – its biomedical foundation chapter 1
Placebo effect – its biomedical foundation chapter 2
Placebo effect -- Placebo therapy chapter 3
The integration of CAM in the treatment of chronic breast cancer
Zen art of archery and the wisdom of the body (WOB)
Daniel Tammet and the Wisdom of the Body (WOB)
Autism and Wisdom of the Body
Schizophrenia and Wisdom of the Body
Time and Wisdom of the Body


On the correct treatment of cancer
Do not resect liver metastases in colon cancer
How to prolong remission in Multiple Sclerosis
How to slow down progression of Amyothrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Hormone deprivation for prostate cancer is dangerous. Avoid it!
How to overcome cancer resistance to therapy
How to overcome Insulin resistance in Diabetes Mellitus
Brain drives diabetes and hypertension
Control of Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus
Erbitux (cetuximab) initiated disease
How to treat brain metastases
Metastases do not kill
Breast irradiation is dangerous and ought to be avoided
Irradiation of the left breast damages the heart and ought to be avoided
Aromatase inhibitors cause a grave estrogen deficiency disease and should be avoided


Five cancer practices that must stop
The fallacy of breast cancer chemo-prevention
The downfall of anti-angiogenic therapy in cancer
Overdiagnosis and needless treatment
Rising Health care costs and Iatrogenesis Part 1
Rising Health care costs and Iatrogenesis Part 2
The fallacy of Personalized Medicine
Heterogeneity demon kills personalized medicine
Clinical trials are unhealthy.Avoid them
The downfall of clinical trials
Treatment accelerates tumor growth
Hormones do not cause Breast Cancer
Fifteen percent of women with breast cancer die from chemotherapy

A New theory of Cancer

A fresh view of cancer- Introduction
A fresh view of cancer  Chapter 1
A fresh view of cancer  Chapter 2
A fresh view of cancer  Chapter 3
A fresh view of cancer  Chapter 4
Virus induced cancer and the Cancer field
Hallmarks of cancer: An analysis of a conceptual stalemate
1 Medicine and the gene
2 Rising complexity of the gene
3 Transposons and the dynamic genome
A New interpretation of abscopal and
bystander effects in cancer
The demise of the dogma of the deaf gene
Genes do not cause disease
The physiology of Aneuploidy
Transposons cause fusion proteins and aneuploidy
Trasposones cause chromosome pulverization
Chronic leukemia- an incurable stem cell disease
Organism controls tumor growth
A New Cancer Hypothesis
Neoplastic progression of tumor strom
Mutated genes do not cause cancer

Epidemiology and Statistics

A new view of cancer epidemiology
A unique epidemiological cancer attribute
Derivation of survival from tumor growth
Interactive derivation of survival from tumor growth
Treatment accelerates tumor growth 1
Aging accelerates tumor growth
Tumor dormancy in untreated breast cancer
Cancer dormancy in old age
Cancer is a chronic disease with
extended periods of dormancy
Breast cancer dormancy and tumor growth
Tumor growth and metastasis in breast cancer
Regression of breast cancer following mammography

Breast cancer incidence mortality and tumor growth
Bi-modal  hazard and tumor growth in breast cancer
Hormone therapy accelerates tumor growth
Ideal cancer system driven by tumor growthThe Fallacy of risk reducing mastectomy
How to protect astroanuts from cosmic rays
Hormesis - A fundamental Biological Law
1. Breast cancer is an incurable chronic disease with a dormant tumor
2. Bi-modal hazard. A unique epidemiological feature of cancer
3.Bi-modal hazard and breast cancer recurrence
4. Cancer dormancy and breast cancer hazard
Melanoma dormancy

Streaming tissues

1 Streaming epidermis
2 Streaming intestinal lining
3 Streaming submandibular glan
4 Streaming Liver
5 Proliferon The atom of streaming tissues
6 Streaming colon neoplasia
7 Time dimension of Histopathology
8 Neurotrophic control of streaming tissues
9 All cancers evolve along the same trajectory
10 Streaming Brain

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