Video lectures

The main ideas in these presentations:

Wisdom of the Body (WOB)
The self consists of two entities
1 Mind or consciousness
2.WOB or unconsciousness

This section explains:
1. Communication between Mind and WOB
2. Activation of processes in WOB (placebo)
3. Induction of cancer dormancy

Current medical dogma generates:
1.Therapy induced disease
2. Overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment

A New theory of cancer
1. Criticism of current theories
2. Genes do not cause disease
3. Organism controls it genes
4. New cancer theory

Epidemiology and statistics
1. Tumor growth is the common denominator of epidrmiological functions
2. Unique epidemiological cancer attribute
3. Cancer regression and dormancy
4. Bi-modal hazard rate  (WOB)

 Streaming tissues
1. Tissues consist of tissue units (TU)
2. Each TU has one committed stem cell
3. TU cells are the progeny of this stem cell
4. TU is monoclonal
5. Cells stream from the stem cell site and outward
7. As cells stream they differentiate