This is theoretical exercise with the following purpose:
1. To define a framework for some key concepts in biology.
2.  It may be easily represented by a computer model, using an object oriented language like JAVA
3. The model may serve as a starter for an open source program implementing  more biological concepts and theories.

Definition: A biological process is a holon.
Biological theory is based on four conservation laws:
1. Holon maintains an equilibrium.  Conservation of equilibrium
2. Holon  begets holon   Conservation of life
3. When perturbed, holon restructures its processes so as to maintain equilibrium and  improve its survival. Conservation of optimality
4. Holon is a process with rising complexity.  Conservation of complexity
- The laws are holon attributes.
- They are executed by the holon.
- In order to execute them holon applies a  wisdom, called wisdom of the body (WOB).
- WOB is a manifestation of holon complexity.
- WOB emerges with and within the structure of a holon.
- We (our reason) fail to understand holon wisdom.
- Holon  communicates with us (input, output).