A New Theory of Biology -  Bayes Theorem and Life

In previous presentations of the New theory of Biology, I introduced the concept of Holarchy.  Life is a hierarchy of process sets, each with an atom. Such a set is called a Holon. Holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part (Arthur Koestler).  This something exists in a holon hierarchy called Holarchy. Like the Greek God Janus a holon has two “faces” . One is directed in the holarchy upward, and the other downward.  Viewed from above it is an atom, and when viewed from below, a complex whole.

The cell is the lowest holon in the life holarchy. Disrupt the cell and life has gone.. It is regarded   as a non-linear black box with inputs and outputs. In the presentation “Introduction to the theory of WOB”, I described the human being as a holon of medicine. It is called   Me  It is regarded   as a non-linear black box with inputs and outputs. Me processes information and converts it into action (behavior). Information processing is done by Bayesian updating.

Holon and holarchy are tools for reducing the complexity of life phenomena. When observing a complex phenomenon you first define a holon and then attempt to define a holarchy.

My motivation was to apply this method for reducing the complexity of medicine and defining medicine in a new way.
Disease and health are posteriors of an outside message.
Therapy is a manipulation of priors to alleviate suffering.