Wisdom of the Body and My control of the nonconscious 2

I distinguish between two kinds of explanation (narrative)

First person explanation means how I understand my mind and Wisdom of my Body(WOB. Known as "I" point of view.
Third person explanation is what medicine has to say about my mind and WOB.

In my previous presentation Wisdom of the Body(WOB)and the control of the nonconscious-1 were presented from the third person view.
Here I explain how I control my nonconscious.

My imagination activates nonconscious functions
I think in images, not only when day dreaming, but always. Reality is represented in the mind as an image. Image is the only brain currency. Whatever is
exchanged between mind and WOB is an image. Mind continually sends images to WOB, which converts them into actions.

I describe several ways how I may control my nonconscious (WOB).
1. Communication with WOB. (thought-image)
2. Experiencing WOB. (psychedelics)
3. Control WOB.(conditioning, and meditation)
4. WOB modification. (neuroplasticity)
[will be explained in another presentation].

These methods utilize four WOB instincts:

1. Imagination
2. Curiosity
3. Association
4. Conditioning