Wisdom of the Body and the control of the nonconscious

Two entities operate in our body: The conscious which I call mind , and the nonconscious called WOB.

Mind is all that I am aware of in me. Like my thoughts feelings and will.
Wisdom of the Body (WOB) is all in me which I am not conscious of.

I am less concerned with their nature, and mainly interested in their communication. It is striking that medicine is interested mainly in  the conscious and less  in the nonconscious. Yet the nonconscious keeps us alive and heals our self healing diseases. Medicine does not provide any explanation how nonconscious heals some diseases and keeps us alive.

Medicine knows that the unconscious exists and influences our existence. After all we all got an Id, which interferes with our Ego. Yet neither Freud nor medicine explain how Id keeps us alive?

This presentation has three purposes:
1. It is an introduction to the theory of WOB and summarizes what I said in other presentations.
2. Explores ways how I (mind) may control WOB.
3. A suggestion how the theory of medicine might be simplified
We think in images, not only when day dreaming, but always. Reality is represented in the mind as an image. Image is the only brain currency. Whatever is exchanged between mind and WOB is an image. Mind continually sends images to WOB, which converts them to actions. Thought is an image, and image is the only currency of the mind  (consciousness).  Any image (thought) modulates WOB functions.
Conditioning is a process which creates an association between image and WOB function.

Placebo effect is a manifestation of third person conditioning by culture. With conditioning I can get access to the nonconscious and even control it.