Cancer dormancy in untreated breast cancer

For most women breast cancer is an incurable chronic disease. Nevertheless at least half of them live decades with dormant cancer.  Medicine attributes this for its successful treatment, and ignores that organism keeps tumor dormant.This is evident in untreated breast cancer.

Dormancy occurs when tumor slows its progression and even stops it. During dormancy the woman feels healthy despite or with the tumor. Two epidemiologic manifestations of cancer dormancy. The survival curve is concave up. With time it asymptotically levels off which indicates that with time, less and less patients die and their hazard rate declines.

Survival curves of untreated women with breast cancer have the two epidemiological manifestations, up concavity and declining hazard. This indicates that they have the capability to induce tumor dormancy.

These  women carry  a secret how to  live  an agreeable life with cancer!  Imagine that we found out how they do it and apply it to them, they might have  lived even  longer.

 Or, imagine that we could succeed to induce tumor  dormancy at will, we would have treated cancer  successfully even without knowing its cause (etiology).