1. 7 Time dimension of Histopathology

    In my previous six presentations, I outlined my theory of streaming tissues. It was applied to
    epithelia .Nevertheless it applies to all tissues in the organism.
    First I summarize the theory in a nutshell and provide its  basic mathematical implementation.
    The stem cell is the atom of life. It
    has three attributes: Membrane, nucleus , and It divides

    Phenomena in the organism may be described  within two time frames.
    Biological time, whose unit is one cell.
    Chronological time, whose unit is the second.
    The histological section of a tissue is a instantaneous  image  of a tissue in flux. Mitosis drives this flux.

    I  show how to derive cell flux from tissue structure.
    Mathematically, organism is represented by a multi-dimensional; vector field. Each vector is a  non linear process.
    Vector field is defined within the biological time  frame whose time unit is the cell. In this frame a  cell represents two kinds of unit:
    1. Structure unit
    2. Time unit