Time and WOB txt
Time is a fundamental issue of our culture. I am  interested in time from the medical point of view. I created a simple framework, Mind and Wisdom of the Body, within which I examine medically relevant  concepts like time.

Two entities operate in my body: The conscious which I call mind , and the nonconscious called WOB.
Mind is all that I am aware of in me. Like my thoughts feelings and will.
Wisdom of the Body (WOB) is all in me which I am not conscious of.

I  am less concerned with their nature, and mainly interested in their communication. I distinguish between two kinds of explanation(narrative).
First person explanation means how I understand my mind and WOB.  Known as  "I" point of view.
Third person explanation is what medicine has to say about my mind and WOB.

Information from WOB to mind is conveyed indirectly by chemical senses in WOB. Whatever I will is transmitted to WOB as an image for execution. We think in images, not only when day dreaming, but always. Reality is represented in the mind as an image.Image is the only brain currency. Whatever is exchanged between mind and WOB is an image. Mind continually sends images to WOB, which converts them to actions.

I don’t sense time, in the same way as I sense smell or  sight. I don’t have a time sense, and don’t sense  time directly. From my first person perspective, time as conceived by physics is meaningless to me.