1. 6 Streaming colon neoplasia

    In the five presentations on the current state of cell proliferation kinetics  I introduced the theory of  the streaming organism.
    All ingredients of the organism stream from their site of formation (birth) to their graveyards (catabolism)
    Heraclitus said that “You do not enter twice into the same river” since it streams. Now we may add that “You never meet the same individual twice”.
    My presentation has three parts
    1. Enterocyte streaming velocity .
    2. Crypt fission in the growing child
    3. Neoplastic progression

    DMH injection destroys P and Q-cells.
    Q-cell inhibition declines.
    P- compartment widens. Mitotic figures arrive at crypt orifice.
    First immature  Q-cells appear.
    Stem cell divides horizontally.
    Crypt fission

    Three processes shape the evolving tumor.
    1. Rising cell turnover
    2. Amplification (multiplication) of all constituents
    3. Deepening maturation arrest