The BRCA gene highlights one of the darkest chapters of modern medicine. Carriers of BRCA gene mutations are guided  to be mutilated   by a procedure known as risk reducing mastectomy. The BRCA story demonstrates how twisted logic of gene councilors causes unnecessary despair and suffering to young women. It is a story which exposes some  basic  fallacies and false premises of modern medicine.

Medicine postulates that hormones cause cancer. The longer you are exposed to them the greater the risk. Which is wrong! Thousands of experiments document that  sex hormones do not cause cancer.  They only promote cancer.
The current dogma postulates, that mutated BRCA  gene is the carcinogen, which has never been proven experimentally.

The NCI breast cancer risk assessment  tool applies a model developed by Mitchel Gail. The model estimates your risk of cancer incidence and not of the risk of your mortality.

Even if I your risk to get cancer is 60% this does not mean that you got the same risk to die.

For NCI there is only one risk 60%,  which is not the risk to die from cancer,  and this ominous risk  drives many young females to be mutilated.

Several studies show that survival of women with BRCA mutation is the same as in women without BRCA mutation. In some cases it is even better.