The normal and the pathological

All  disease manifestations are intensified (amplified)  normal physiological phenomena.
Modern medical treatment is accompanied by side effects, which are man made diseases. This phenomenon is known as iatrogenesis, an inadvertent adverse effect or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice.

While in the past iatrogenesis resulted from ignorance, today it is an outcome of an inadequate theory of medicine.  I described these new man made diseases in several presentations. Here I intend to highlight what the current theory lacks and how it may be augmented.

Organism has three qualities
1. Extremely complex
2. Maintains an equilibrium (homeostasis).
3. Optimal
These qualities are given and cannot be explained with
current physical laws.
Process is the functional unit of the organism.

Any level of  complexity  maintains optimal homeostasis.
Cancer and tumor are not synonyms. Cancer is an interaction between organism and tumor. Most if not all cancers are driven by viruses.
At each stage of its progression organism  and tumor are one complex system which adjusts its homeorhesis so as to stay alive.
The ignorance of the three laws by medicine drives  iatrogenesis