1. 8 Neurotrophic control of streaming tissues

    Current state of cell proliferation kinetics was presented here as a theory, Theory of streaming tissues. All tissues  have the same kinetic structure., which was illustrated with the epithelial tissue.

    All tissues in the body as well neoplasms,  have the same kinetic makeup with the same units: .
    Tissue proliferative unit TPU
    Tissue functional unit TFU
    Tissue proliferon  TP.

    This presentation deals with the neuro vegetative function of the nervous system
    It is illustrated with the taste bud. The morphological integrity of the taste bud is dependent upon an intact nerve supply.
    Neoplasia progresses in all tissues along the same trajectory. It is a continuous change of structure, originating in the normal.
    Neoplastic progression is controlled by the nervous  system.