Mutated genes do not cause cancer

Some time ago the Vogelstein  of mutated genes announced: “The revolution in cancer research can be summed up  in a single sentence: Cancer is, in essence, a genetic disease. What is the evidence for this conclusion, or might it be only a hypothesis?  Today it seems obvious that genes cause cancer. Is it really so? Not at all it is  a misconception!

A closer look at this dogma reveals that it is not supported by experiment. True, mutated genes are associated with cancer, yet no one has shown that they cause cancer.
Let me show you how a hypothesis which is not supported by experiment becomes a dogma.

It starts with a doubtful model published by Armitage and Doll whose model deviates markedly from epidemiological observations. In 1990 the Fearon and  Vogelstein discovered that neoplastic progression in the colon is correlated  with progressive  gene mutations. They claim that gene mutations drive cancer while in reality it is driven by a virus. Yet their hypothesis is not validated  neither by histo-pathology nor by epidemiology. Cancer is driven by viruses