Cancer metastases do not kill

What is the cause of death in cancer?

This great mystery still evades medicine. They claim that the tumor kills you which is wrong.
True, tumor is the most prominent cancer manifestation, yet it kills only in rare instances.
A woman diagnosed with  breast cancer has a 45% probability carrying an incurable chronic disease

1. Once tumor recurs, breast cancer becomes chronic.
2. Most women carry their tumor for decades.
3. With time they manage cancer better and better. 3a. Hazard rate declines 3b. Dormancy periods elongate.
4. These statistics indicate that the organism controls tumor growth otherwise tumor would grow exponentially
5. Cancer is an interaction between organism and tumor.

Cancer is a triad , consisting of:
1. Incurable umor
2. Incurable para-neoplasia. (Neuro endocrine changes)
3. Incurable cachexia (weight loss and wasting)

Nevertheless it is possible to live with this incurable chronic disease, and feel healthy.
The name of the game is dormancy induction.