Medical dimension of mysticism and spirituality

Spirituality and mysticism have been defined in numerous ways. Nevertheless they have one definition in common: Immediate consciousness of the transcendent. I intend to explain what is the medical meaning of the transcendent, and how does it affect health and disease. In order to simplify the forthcoming arguments, I shall apply two  operational definitions:

Two realms operate in my body. One, which I call Mind, and the  other  Wisdom of the Body (WOB). I apply these metaphors to define and analyze medically relevant phenomena in the body. Like in the following presentations. The study of self healing WOB capacity revealed to me the enormous potential of WOB which medicine still ignores. The transcendental Is a WOB faculty with important  medical implications. Here I explain the medical dimension of ,  Kabbalah.

I regard Jewish meditation as a Kabbalistic  method to interact with WOB.  
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