Wisdom of the Body (WOB)   Introduction to  the theory

Wisdom of the Body (WOB) is theory that provides a simple framework for medically relevant concepts in our culture.  The elementary unit (atom)  of this framework is Me. I therefore start with the question who am I?

Two entities operate in my body: The conscious which I call mind, and the nonconscious called WOB. Mind is all that I am aware of in me. Like my thoughts feelings and will.

Wisdom of the Body (WOB) is all in me which I am not conscious of.
Mind and WOB are two indivisible entities. They differ only by their attribute of consciousness. Together they form Me, the atom of the system (framework). Mind and WOB communicate in Me. Their signals are described in other presentations.

Mind (my consciousness), and WOB (my nonconsciousness) define me from the first person perspective, and they differ from third person definitions, which regard consciousness and unconsciousness as two states in  my existence.

Mind and WOB are separated by a  one way filter called Verge. It lets information from mind to WOB and prevents any backward signal  (since WOB  is nonconscious).

The main advantage this framework of Me, that it is open to a representation by mathematics. For example the Bayes’ theorem. Let’s apply it to Pavlov’s dog conditioning and then to Me.